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March 21, 2022
McKenna Jordan owners

In the retail space of our brand-new apartments, McKenna Jordan Salon Bar offers everything from hair coloring, extensions, and styling to advanced make up artistry, all while serving your favorite glass of champagne, wine, or beer. For the month of April, their team is offering Remy residents a 15% discount at the salon.

McKenna Jordan owners doing hair at salon

“It’s the goal of our design team to make our clients feel like they can escape the ordinary and leave the salon feeling extraordinary.”

There are your average beauty salons, and then there is McKenna Jordan. Some would say it’s hard to find a good stylist that truly understands the look you’re going for. Here, the stylists really listen to you and take care of you, ensuring you leave feeling the power of your own beauty.

McKenna Jordan Owners

Owners Tanya and Josette understood the assignment when they identified a need for a luxury salon in New Carrollton. After many brainstorming sessions fueled by their entrepreneurial spirit, they formed a beautiful partnership that led to the creation of their upscale salon bar. Inspired by their muses, Tanya and Josette decided to dedicate the salon’s name to their daughters, McKenna and Jordan.

“What a BEAUTIFUL thing for us to do more than tell them that they have a voice and a seat at the table in the boardroom or wherever they choose but to show them that they have the ability to be the voice and to create the seat at the table in the boardroom because their names are on the door!” – Tanya

Client of McKenna Jordan with beautiful hair

In this ever changing world, beauty comes from looking and feeling your best. This is how Tanya and Josette hope their clients feel when they sit for their services. Whether you want to recreate a celebrity look or celebrate your own image, McKenna Jordan’s talented hair and make-up artists work with you to craft the image of your dreams, guaranteeing you leave with confidence in your refreshed look.


Branching Out
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