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Remy 5-Star Review
May 31, 2022
The Remy Pool from Roof

Resident Review by John Lazos

I’ve lived here for a few months now and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement. To start, the property is amazing in so many aspects. There’s a TON to do here if your free time, it’s all kept in great condition, a ton of security measures (key fobs, security, cameras, etc) are in place, and everything has an elegant appearance per design. They have a pretty sizable staff too so it’s extremely easy to come in contact with a friendly employee if you ever need something.

The Remy Rooftop Deck

The amenities residents have access to are multiple gyms, a yoga/cycle room, pool (one in each building), a garden/court yard, gaming rooms with multiple gaming systems, a movie theatre capable of multiple inputs, indoor hosting suite (Club Remy), outdoor sky top lounge, multiple grilling and out door kitchens in various places, hang out areas with multiple TVs and gaming tables, coffee/hot chocolate/hot tea bars, and study/business rooms (including inputs to use needed technologies to accomplish any productive task). A lot of these rooms are rentable for private gatherings too.

People outside of New Carrollton Station

Additionally, for travelers, there’s also an enclosed, multi-level, gated garage with PLENTY of reserved and resident parking. There’s even a parking lot and street parking too for those that don’t want to use the garage (it’s a fraction of the spaces available in the garage, but you’ll always have somewhere to park with easy access to either building). Going back to the garage though, it even has charging stations for electric vehicles. Inside the complexes, travelers can also find the “transit hub” near the mailboxes and package lockers (accessible to any delivery service) with up to date up coming arrivals and delays for Amtrak, MARC and Metro Rail and Bus.

Remy residents making a bouquet
Remy resident at s'mores event

Aside from what to do here, you can also tell the Remy takes pride in being up to date and investing in technology. This ranges from their technological add ons in the building to the apps you can do a lot on from your phone. They also take a lot of pride in, and I very much appreciate it too, weekly/monthly gifts or activities for residents to participate in (95% of the time free by the way). For example, some of the activities that stood out to me were a free bottle of delicious wine (you could chose 1 of 9 different varieties), tacos and tequila night, a bag of candy around Easter, cocktail nights, and having food trucks come on property for tasty treats and meals.

This is only half the experience though, so it shouldn’t be left out that everyone here works their hardest and happiest to help you with what you need, no matter if its management, residency, maintenance and cleaning, front desk, or phone associates. To wrap up, there’s also a lot near by to eat or do, whether its in nearby DC, around in town, or even in the new/up coming stores built by the Remy on sections of the street level. The price may make some hesitate, but I PROMISE you, its worth it! To help, make sure to ask if your employer is included in their rent monthly discount, and ask for pricing discounts on lease lengths. Either way I am very happy here and you will be too! Call and ask for a tour asap and you’ll see everything on this review first hand.

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Staying In
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