Branching Out
Work From Home Haven
July 8, 2022
The Remy clubroom

Working remotely more often, but feeling a bit cramped for space? Let The Remy’s spacious 2-bedroom apartments and abundant amenity spaces create your work-from-home haven.

The spacious central clubroom offers multiple seating areas to relax and work. If there’s a big game on TV, Remy even offers spaces to keep one eye on work and the other on the score.

If you’re looking for a place with a little more privacy, check out the work booths which provide a comfortable nook for optimum focus. Or grab a conference room and spread out for your afternoon zoom call.

Of course it can be convenient to work from your actual apartment too. Remy’s residents love the 2-bedroom apartments for the space and flexibility they offer. Some residents use the second bedroom to support their business while others set it up as a traditional office space. The spacious central living area also offers ample places to grab a computer and your coffee and settle in.

Remy kitchen island work area

With double the amenities, The Remy has plenty of places for work and for fun. Take a tour today to discover life at The Remy.

Branching Out
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