photo of woman in large sun hat sitting on a lounge chair aside a pool

The Remy apartments near Hyattsville, MD, have the most luxurious summer amenities around.

There are moments each summer that you want to keep in your memory forever. Something about the carefree atmosphere or the warm summer breeze compels you to take a mental snapshot. And when the season changes, you think back to those beautiful, liberating moments with fondness. At the Remy apartments near Hyattsville, MD, those perfect summer moments happen every day.


Slipping into a supple lounge chair with your favorite novel after a long day.

Every day is a staycation when you can escape to a poolside cabana at a moment’s notice. The Remy has expansive outdoor spaces filled with seating designed to help you relax and recuperate. Life can be hard, but at The Remy, your favorite lounge chair will always be soft.

Submerging yourself in a cold, saltwater pool after a long, hot commute.

Water is excellent therapy for sore muscles and troubled minds. Let the workday be washed away by the smell of the ocean and cool water over your skin. No staycation is complete without a dip in the pool.


Giving a toast to great friends on your rooftop deck as the sun goes down.

A gorgeous view over the city lights isn’t the only thing The Remy’s rooftop deck has to offer. A full bar and multiple grills make it a great spot for a cookout. Enjoy good food and cold drinks as you watch the sun set.


Leaning closer to that special someone underneath glittering nighttime lights.

An outdoor fireplace makes this rooftop just as cozy at night as it is under the summer sun. Curl up in lounge chairs under the portico and reminisce about your own staycation moments together.

Life at The Remy apartments near Hyattsville, MD, is filled with wonderful snapshots like these. Every day is a staycation when you’re with us. So tour The Remy today and discover your own staycation moment.