These Awesome Restaurants Are Just a Few Stops Away from The Remy Apartments in Lanham, MD

When you’re new to a neighborhood, it’s hard to know which places to go first. What’s the best food on this side of the river? Can I get amazing Italian without going all the way downtown? What about Spanish cuisine? Are there any great African eats? This quick guide to dining out in D.C. will answer all of these questions and more. Join us on a culinary journey into the city, beginning at The Remy apartments in Lanham, MD


Even though we know, that you know how amazing The Remy’s kitchen features are, we also know that sometimes you just don’t want to cook. If you need dinner quick and don’t have the energy to whip up your own dish, this is your spot. Jollof Etcetera, a spin-off from Lagos restaurant Quizine Africana, offers delicious and authentic Nigerian fare very close to home. This spot is just five minutes from The Remy apartments in Lanham, MD.



Photo Cred: Latoya W., Yelp

This Italian restaurant near the Potomac Avenue Metro stop is totally unique. With a simple but ever-changing menu, Lavagna’s chef keeps the customers coming back for more. Lavagna works farm to table, so their food is always fresh and seasonal. Yelpers recommend almost everything on the menu, from risotto and rigatoni, to drinks and brunch items. Plus, it’s just five stops down the Metro from The Remy’s apartments in Lanham, MD.


Joselito: Casa de Comidas

This Eastern Market restaurant offers classic Spanish cuisine at its finest. And Joselito’s namesake is the owner’s father, Jose Candon Perez; so it has roots, too. With delectable entrée and tasting menus full of modern takes on traditional Spanish dishes, Joselito has something for everyone.

Last, but not least, there’s Due South. Imagine what a seasoned Southern grandma might cook up… Now add a Washington twist. That’s Due South. There’s a restaurant and a bar, both nestled up against the Anacostia River waterfront. Head to the Capitol South Metro stop for a fine meal here. It may be a ways from The Remy apartments in Lanham, MD, but it’s sure worth the trip!


Hopefully this article has inspired you to get out and go explore all that the area has to offer. These restaurants along the Orange Line are just a few of the things that make living at The Remy so luxurious. Find out many more by taking a tour of our apartments in Lanham, MD.