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Bloom Where You are Planted
April 29, 2022
Premier Blooms Flowers

Premier Blooms is a custom floral boutique owned and operated by Diamond, a resident of The Remy.


Self-taught from watching YouTube and reading many books, Diamond began her entrepreneurial journey during the pandemic – fueling her isolation with creative inspiration. What started as a hobby to keep herself busy, became a boutique business in less than a year.


“During the height of the pandemic, it was tough working and living in the same space. I think I was just looking for a way to recharge and shift the atmosphere. So, I started to buy flowers and arrange them in beautiful bouquets for my friends and family. Once I got the hang of the process, I fell in love with floral arranging and having this side hustle increased my motivation and productivity.”



Diamond with Premier Blooms Flowers

Once Valentine’s Day 2021 came around, Diamond’s business grew from just friends and family to now having an online audience. Premier Blooms became known for Diamond’s unique sense of style and vibrant floral combinations.


“I really go with my mood. I open all the windows to get the natural sunlight in, put on a playlist or podcast, and I literally just go with how I feel. When I try to emulate things that I’ve seen, it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel as natural as when I go with my feelings. I ask my clients if I have the free range to create; I ask what this is specifically for; knowing what the event is informs the approach to the arrangement.”


Premier Blooms Flowers
Premier Blooms Flowers

Balancing a traditional nine to five, in addition to being the creative director and sole employee of a side hustle, would be a difficult task for anyone. For Diamond, it came naturally because of her environment.


Living at The Remy facilitated building my business because I was able to switch up the scenery and compartmentalize where each task needed to be done. For example, I’d use The Remy’s atmosphere for my photo backdrops, the coworking space for my nine to five, and my apartment for floral arranging. It all worked out so well”


In hopes of expanding Premier Blooms’ impact, Diamond is working on various ways she can tie in her skills from her traditional nine to five job, revolving around clean energy and environmental work.


“One of my goals is to take a percentage of the proceeds and contribute it to sustainable organizations through Baltimore. A lot of organizations in Baltimore have community gardens as well as programs and schools that teach children how to grow their own vegetables.”


Interested in learning more about Premier Blooms? Schedule your floral consultation with Diamond by emailing [email protected] or sending her a DM at @premierblooms on Instagram.

Branching Out
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